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Q.  Do you need an appointment?

A.  YES. We work only by appointment only, please call 07814041777 to book. 

Q.  What are your price ranges?

A.  Prom gowns from £150- £699

      Bridal gowns from £200- £1100

Q.  What is the delivery times on gowns?

A.  We sell of the rack or pre order bridal gowns can take between 48 hours and 25 weeks.

Prom gowns can be purchased off the rail or pre ordered at a delivery time of 4 to 25 weeks

Q.  Do you offer payment plans?

A.  Our gowns can be pre ordered with a 50% deposit the rest is paid on collection

Q.  Do you have a seamstress?

A.  We have a list of independent seamstresses that are highly recommended to offer this service.

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